An extraordinary true story of Metamorphosis to a Child of God experienced by Author Winnie L.B.Toh

“I personally witness the ordeal you went through. Thank God you persisted in your faith believing that Jesus will set you free. Your experience written down in words are real. All honour & glory be to our Almighty God!” – Sylvester Phan, Church Senior Ipoh Lutheran Church

“Thank you for sharing your testimony with the Cell group tonight. It was truly unique.”via sms– Chan Chee Kong, Cell Group Leader Georgetown Baptist Church

“I believe in your experience. It may be weird but it is real.” – Ricky Soo, Internet Business Developer

“My son enjoys reading your story. He is looking forward to reading your next scripts.” – Benjamin Sim, Ipoh

“The fact that Winnie would want to use her resources (time, money and effort) to reach those who have similar needs reveals that this Jesus must be really special.” – Hannah Tan, Georgetown Baptist Church

“I finished reading your book and I was so glad that God has changed your life. I really enjoyed reading your book. Looking forward to your next book, Winnie.” ---Cloever Goh, Georgetown Baptist Church

"Are you Winnie L.B.Toh? I finished your book. I really enjoyed it. It took me one day to finish reading. More people should testify the Lord." --- Foreigner, reader who bought the book

“A friend of mine from PCC just shared with me last Wednesday that she received this book as a gift and had been blessed much by your writing. I wish you could hear from her, really.” —Grace Ong, Georgetown Baptist Church

“Brilliant must-read book, generally well written and entertaining" - Chap Dip Yin, Alor Setar

About Author

Winnie L.B.Toh is an accountant who forays into teaching profession. She is the author of Mastering Spoken English & Communication Skills (2005) and the inventor of Conversation Master Board Game (2009). In 2012, after renouncing the sin of vowing not to publish another book, she felt an inner prompting to compile another book From a Caterpillar into a Butterfly.

About the book

From a Caterpillar into a Butterfly

A true testimony of a non-believer went for a Beauty Pageant Contest with the theme “From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly” and underwent an amazing metamorphosis, being transformed into a child of God.

Out of curiosity, Winnie L.B.Toh participated in a nationwide beauty pageant contest. Having shortlisted in the semi-finals, she encountered a Satanic attack and was tormented to the brink of death. Despite trying all sorts of methods to survive, she was inevitably heading towards her own death. At the point of a near-death experience, she received an SMS from a Christian friend, encouraging her to surrender her life to Jesus. Already spiritually dead and with nothing to lose, Winnie L.B.Toh mentally surrendered herself to Jesus. God’s miracles began to work: She was delivered from a physical death, and now she is a new creation in Christ, burning with passion to share with everybody the story of her life-transforming journey.

Sometimes we can feel we have hit rock-bottom in every aspect of our lives. As much as we may try to work our way out of the hole—whether spiritual, financial, or emotional—it seems hopeless. Satan has his grip on us, and he is not inclined to release his grasp.

Author Winnie L.B.Toh knows what it is like to suffer at Satan’s hands. From a Caterpillar into a Butterfly is her testimony of an amazing personal metamorphosis where she ended up finding God. God’s love immediately began to work in her life. She was saved spiritually and physically.

If you ever wonder how it feels like going through a metamorphosis, transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly, read and experience every single part of the story with the Author!

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